The Single Best Source of Income for Photographers

 Are you a professional photographer who is SICK of being paid pennies

for all your hard work?

What if there was a way you could get paid a £1000 PLUS per shot AND finally be in control of how often you work and how much money you make?

“The little-known strategies I used to go from struggling and broke to being in the
top 5% of HIGH-PAID Photographers…
(and how YOU can add £50,000 to your bank account by doing the same in the next 6 months)”

“My name is Bill bonds and I don’t play by the rules.

When I wanted to get into the lucrative world of Press Photography I didn’t go down the traditional route of Media College then slogging at the local rag for six or seven mind-numbing years before finally landing a ‘reasonable’ job on a National Paper.

I walked into my a National paper with my photos and a story. They bought it! I’d got in by the front door! And They wanted more!

Later on, after accepting some lowly commission jobs, I started to doubt whether there was any serious money in the press photography business.

But there were guys who seemed to be getting paid and paid really, really well! So I asked, what did they know that I didn’t?

There wasn’t a light-bulb moment BUT I did get a few stunning answers. You have to play the game smart to be a highly-paid Press Photographer and that means don’t play by the same rules as everyone else! I can show you what I discovered and the EXACT steps I took to earn 5 to 10 grand each and every story I sold.

 I have an opportunity for photographers, both employed and amateur, to learn my closely-guarded strategies LIVE, **unfiltered** on a FULL-DAY online training.
Ask any questions and i’ll let you have every-single money making trick I know (and I know them all!)

I’m only opening this offer to 5 people and you have to apply for a place (I want to make sure you’re set to make an additional £50,000 or more and that requires both learning and DOING! Attitude is key)
So if you’re…
➡ Looking to make more money as a professional photographer

➡ Wanting to break into the field of Press Photographer

➡ Ready to learn and implement a bunch of amazing tactics learned the hard way over more then 10 years

You will learn…
➡ Where to get GREAT STORIES that editors love! (There is a never-ending supply if you know where to look)

➡ How to get paid for a great story not just once but again and again and again (this is where the money is)

➡ How to find all the publication details you need (and get them for dirt-cheap compared to most people)

➡ How to approach editors so that they listen to you and remember you as a good guy (no more rejection!)

➡ How to get all the right contacts in your pocket and build a great industry reputation

“How much does this cost?”
This information took me over 10 years to learn and will put lots of money in your pocket- tens of thousands- if you DO WHAT I TEACH!
The price for this private online training will be £10,000.
I have complete faith in the material I teach and I have seen the results of its application with my own eyes. So let me make you a complete no-brainer deal… and this is just for you and the people who downloaded my ‘one-secret guide.’ I’m not making this available to the general public.
IF you apply for this training AND you get accepted I will be willing to take a payment of just £1,000. That’s it! Then once you have applied what I teach and got the results you will happily pay me the additional £9,000. You don’t see many offers as simple and fair as that these days!
So that’s one initial payment of £1,000
If you have any questions or queries we can discuss them on the initial induction call.
“How do I sign up?”
Please apply below for a quick, free induction call so I can access your individual needs. Answer the questions, click the ‘Apply’ button and I’ll be in contact within 48 hours.

Learn the little-known strategies I used to go from struggling and broke to being in the top 5% of HIGH-PAID photographer. Apply for my online training above.

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