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If you're a photographer who runs their own business or who is self employed then this membership might be right for you. We will be teaching you how to sell better, how to market yourself and how to grow your business.

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Photography-Jobs is a membership-based program. By following and implementing the lessons in this membership you can seriously grow your income.

The purpose of this membership is to make you successful at creating an income from photography by teaching you some of the best marketing knowledge available that is directly applicable to photography.

The Founder of this site, Billy Bonds, has taken years of training from some of the best marketers you can hire and used that knowledge to build his own business's and used it in his own photographic endeavors. This knowledge has been taken from top marketers like "Dan Kennedy", "Jim Edwards", "Rich Schefren", "Jay Abraham", Michael Masterman", “Drayton Bird”, “Ray Edwardes” and many more.


This membership is for serious photographers that want to get serious about earning an income from their photographic work. If you would like a taste of what you can get, then sign up to receive our free newsletter where we will be showing you plenty of tips and tricks that you can use for free.

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It could help to make a massive improvement to your photography career and your income, so what are you waiting for?, Yes it’s a gamble, but at $7.95 you will be able to walk away with 100's of dollars’ worth of information, templates & new knowledge that can put thousands of dollars into your income if you apply what you learn.


The main difference is that with the advanced membership level you will have access to download MP3 files and videos that we produce, you will also get access to teleseminar & webinar replays as they are made available. Once you purchase any of our eBook’s or a direct purchase of the membership program, you will be billed once per month for your membership. You can cancel this at any time.

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So, just why do I think you can benefit from membership to this system?

According to recent statistics, 80% of new businesses fail within the first 2 years of establishment. What happens to the remaining 20%? Another 80% of those business will then fail within 10 years.

This news is not new, I know, you've heard it before, but I personally think that these stats are even worse than this during times of an economic recession. Duh, I hear you cry! Seriously, the main reason for the even faster failure rate is that businesses are dropping off the radar faster than oil gushes out of BP's drill holes. Most businesses and companies operate in a very sloppy way, they have no real strategy to deliver their goods or services and I don’t know about you, but this last 18 months is like a scene out of that Bruce Willis movie "6th

It’s astonishing to see so many companies close down, and their business dry up. There are so many businesses laying people off, making people redundant and having to shut down. There has never been a time in my life where there have been so many boarded up retail premises at shopping centre’s and empty commercial properties available to rent.

I visit Florida quite a lot and I like the Malls there, but the last time I visited the malls in the big Florida shopping centre’s they were very sad, with lots of empty retail space.

The thing is that the consumer hasn’t disappeared at all. Now, I’m not saying there isn’t a recession, there is, but if the consumer is still out there, what is happening?

In order for a business to have been started in the first place, the owner, partners or proprietor, must have had a good reason with a clear goal in mind to succeed (well you'd like to think so anyway).

So, once the business has started and it’s up and running and the initial birth of a business idea has been conceived it seems that so many of these startups lose their way, lose their excitement and lose their drive to seek out ways to make their business work.

The reality of it is that there are only handful of proven ways to generate business. There are key strategies, that must be set in place and implemented to make sure that that the business can grow, thrive and succeed.  

Cash flow is a critical factor in maintaining a business and even some of the most profitable companies have fallen by the wayside as a result of poor or little cash flow.

So, which expert do you turn to for advice? Where do you go to find the right information in order to succeed?

The biggest problem businesses face, as stated in the opening statement, is the amount of businesses closing. so many companies failing ultimately means that people following the commonsense approach to business marketing are invariable wrong. Dunn & Bradstreet have stated that ‘most failures are a direct result of bad, ill informed decisions by business owners’ and I agree.

The bottom line is that few business owners go into the fight without any real knowledge of how to generate customers, where to find their customers, who their customers are, they have very little if any knowledge of how to create effective marketing campaigns or even what marketing is. It is common to think yellow pages and local directory listings are enough and then refusing to bother with the expense of decent marketing that actually generates results. I can’t tell you how many bad flyers that are not directed at me have come through my door in the last 2 years, hundreds of them, all irrelevant to my life, not personal, not for me. They get thrown straight into the recycling quicker than it takes to post them through the door.

Even the big brand names are struggling, here in the UK we have seen some possible signs of the big DIY brand B&Q ( Like Home depot ) being more successful, but they are giving away half the farm yard, with discounts at every corner, which is not a good long term plan. They still make no attempt at making any sort of regular contact with the customer, nothing, not even a sniff of an interest.

Meanwhile, the retail high street is full of many other big brand names offering massive discounts, such as, 50, 60 and 70% off for goodness sake. Yet, when was the last time anyone can remember any sort of retail store making regular contact with you where you leave thinking, ‘damn, I'm glad they sent me that information’? It’s a rarity, only a hand full of organizations, crazy!

This is the essence and the reason why you will benefit from the membership we offer. You will learn and discover what it is that really makes the difference, you will discover ways to understand who is your customer, what your customer is all about, how to deal with your potential customer, you will discover what moves a human being to buy from you, why they buy, how to get them to buy more often from you and how to turn your prospects and customers into raving fans and talk about you at every opportunity.

Isn’t that what you want from a customer?

You will also learn how to automate some of the most important issues in your marketing, and how to make your customers feel glad and interested in what you have to say when they hear from you.

To be totally honest, the information given within the membership is not original content from my own findings, it’s not based on my own discoveries. What I want to share with you is tried and tested information that has been gathered from many years of studying the best marketing minds that exist and from my own 25+ years of experience working in the photographic industry. The information that will be given has been used in my very own business where I have proven it to work and seen firsthand the results. I have adapted the best type of marketing systems for use in our industry, the photographic markets.

And that my friends, is why I believe you really will benefit from being a member at Photography-Jobs.

But best of all, all members can become apart of a growing community of people, all with one aim in mind; the goal of selling their photographic work to generate an income from photography. On that basis, this site and the exclusive member areas will continue to grow and expand, with every new member and every new interview we have, all the best knowledge that is targeted specifically at this subject, the how’s and whys of generating income from photography, will all be available to members right here.

So, get your skates on, sign up below, membership prices will be going up as the information in the members areas becomes more exclusive and more comprehensive. Once you are a member, your membership price is fixed, unless you leave.

Cheers to higher profits,

Billy Bonds

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What modules are included?

Module 1 – Strategies for growth intro

Module 2 – Marketing automation

Module 3 – Finding new customers

Module 4- Generate regular work

Module 5 – Create information products

Module 6 – Starting a photography business

Module 7- How to use photography in unusual ways

Module 8 - Interviews

Module 9 - Marketing knowledge base

Module 10 – Knowledge bank images

Module 11 – Landscape photography marketing

Module 12 - Lessons and regular photographic webinars

Module 13 - Monthly marketing hot sheet

Module 14 - Monthly photographic marketing letter archive

Module 15 - Social media marketing

Module 16 – Photographic agencies

Module 17 – Photographic business growth models

Module 18 - Photographic forms and templates

Module 19 - Photographic marketing resource directory

Module 20 - Photographic marketing – Teleseminars and Webinars

Module 21 - Photography studio marketing

Module 22 - Portrait photography marketing tips

Module 23 – Press industry tips

Module 24 – Wedding photography marketing

Module 25 – Reports and eBook’s

Module 26 – Q&A's

How to earn more from your customers without charging more

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A bit about Billy Bonds...

Billy Bonds also spent 10 plus years working for the UK National Press Publications, he has won several awards and operated a studio for over 6 years with added success. Billy Bonds also shot weddings for years and has buddies that charge an absolute fortune for wedding shoots, all that experience is being unrolled and made available for you to learn from.

Now we don’t expect you to know these top gun marketers, but the knowledge you will be exposed to here at Photography-Jobs, would cost you more than a year’s salary, if you just approached any one of those marketers for even a one day consultation.

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You choose where to start. Learn and apply at your own speed, in the way you want.

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Advanced Marketing Training including Sales Copy writing for more intense growth


Crafted for Professional photographers, who need to improve their sales & marketing to withstand the rise of amateur photographers that constantly try to undercut and devalue your work



Immediate access

Regular updates

Access to helpful document templates, model release, etc

Access to Facebook Group & Email support

Advanced Marketing Training including Sales Copy writing for more intense growth

Monthly webinars & access to recordings from previous months